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Natural ways for harder and stronger erections:

Natural ways for harder and stronger erections

Men always want harder and stronger erection. Men who are even happy with their penis size look for different ways to get a stronger erection. A harder penis gives more enjoyable sexual pleasure with the woman. It is a feel good factor for every guy to have a long and hard penis. A proper erection reflects the overall health of the person. Poor supply of blood to the genitals causes difficulty in erection. When the health problems are not dealt properly, a person may experience a soft penis. The problem can be classified in to two groups:

Deficiency of hormone

Testosterone is the main hormone associated with erection in men. As you grow old, the level of testosterone gradually reduces. This hormone plays an important role in the erection of penis during a sexual contact.

Problems in Blood Circulation

Narrow arteries, vascular problems, blockage in the nerves owing to plaque deposit and blot clots are the reasons of worry in men. These reasons restrict the flow of blood in the penis. These hazards are mainly due to adverse life styles in modern days. Guys with such issues usually have soft penis and face difficulty in maintaining the erection during sex

Need of stronger erections

You have to admit to the fact that the penis will go softer with age. The strength of the penis and its hardness will certainly begin to dwindle as you grow older. Bigger penis tends to get softer than the mediums in a short span of time. Sexual performances of such men are terrible after some time and the partner does not get pleasure in sexual intercourse anymore.

Here are lists of things you can do to enjoy harder and stronger erection for a long time.

  • Stop smoking – It is high time you give up this destructive habit. It hampers the sex life rigorously. Smoking hardens the blood vessels which flows blood to the penis. The entire erection is based on how efficiently the blood is reaching to the penis. The blood circulation is affected due to deposit of plaque in the arteries. Some are of the thought that smoking Marijuana works as a natural Viagra. Some people are often found to be saying that they have attained orgasms after Marijuana smoking. In fact Marijuana hampers the erection. In the early stages of Marijuana smoking, the person gets excited and cannot control his desire for sex. That is often mistaken as a catalyst to a perfect erection. However smoking Marijuana causes deposit of plaques in the passage of blood flow. Hence the penis gets less blood and fails to maintain its erection.
  • Controlling habit of alcohol consumption – Presence of Resveratrol in Red wine has health benefits for the heart. The wine should be consumed only at a quantity of 10cl - 25cl in a day for health reasons. Increased quantity can be harsh on the health of the person. It will cause weak erection and disables the nerve. The erection gets softer during the intercourse and less moments of enjoyment can thus be established. Alcohol addiction does not only decrease your performance while having sex, it invites diseases to the kidney, heart and liver also. Thus the sexual life is hampered with long term consequences. This way one will deliberately mess up his performance in bed. Greater alcohol consumption reduces the blood pressure and thus the flow of blood to the penis is restricted. This leads to the failure in erection during sexual intercourse. Occasional drinkers however do not face such problems. Drinking habit has to be regulated under control for a better sex life.
  • Avoiding Addiction to Pornography - Pornography addiction is one such cause that brings erectile dysfunction. Although there is no harm in watching porn once in a while, but a developed addiction may ruin your health. People addicted to pornography are even found to watching it at their offices during peak work hours. It increases the level of anxiety as the person remains starved of sex. The real pleasure of sex can never be attained by watching porn movies. The hormones are only altered during this time and the consequences to that are not beneficial during real sex.
  • Abstaining from frequent masturbation - Masturbating is one such habit with pornography addiction. Men have erection while watching exciting pornography movies. The sexual desires are aroused with no real partner. Too much of masturbation drains the body and the refractory period gets bigger. Refractory period is the gap between two erections. This period is prolonged to a maximum of 7 hours due to frequent masturbation habits. Too much of masturbation practice makes the penis sensitive to touch. The penis will face difficulties in rising up during real sex. Even if the woman partner is completely butt naked in front of the guy, he may not experience any erection.
  • Psychological reasons – Guys who are unnecessarily worried with their size of penis and its performance during sex are the one affected with a poor erection. Too much of a stress of a high performance makes them conscious and ultimately the performance is compromised. Guys addicted to pornography are more victims of psychological hazards during sexual intercourse. They compare their performances with those on the videos and put extra burden on themselves like this.